What will I learn to do?

  • Ability to read the clients body through a Posturist eye
  • Take specific measurements of the postural changes in myo facial connective tissue that have occurred over time, gravity, injury or use.
  • Strategic stretches to open the tight areas of the bodies forward angles, also the areas that create chronic pain. Through these stretches the client will have immediate improvement in circulation and increased energy. Not to mention the issue that they came to see you for will be eliminated or greatly decreased.
  • Education for yourself and your client on how these changes affect wear and tear for future impact on their body. Whether an Olympic athlete or a mother of 2 who works from home. Knowledge and understanding of the forecast of their actions help people make important changes in the present. You will help them be empowered.
  • You will learn how to market your work through clear communication with precise information able to answer questions with confidence. You will receive an index file of specific maintenance stretches for flexibility and exercises to build strength for creating the balance the client needs for improving their posture.
  • In depth comprehensive study of anatomy and myo facial connective tissue a functional understanding of how posture is key to a healthy happy immune system,strong bones and muscles that do the job they are structurally intended to do.
  • How to work with your own body to ensure longevity as a body worker, personal trainer, physical therapist or whatever field you are in.
  • The use of wedges and vibration to enhance the position of any stretch and release of tension patterns.

How many trainings do you offer?

Chest Neck Shoulders Arms Hand (CNSAH)
Legs and Feet (LF)
Low back Hips and Pelvis (LBHP)
Facial Reposturing (FR)
Myofacial Meridians /Anatomy Trains (MFMAT)
Reposturing Finess (RF)
Gait Training (GT)
Reposturing Massage (RST)
Cadaver Lab (CL)

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How long are the trainings?

Where are the trainings held?

How much does it cost?

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What can I do with my certification?

What is a Certified Posturist?

Where can I get insurance that covers this type of work?