Ann Moore

Master Bodywork Trainer

Check out our 2016 schedule. We have several training dates for new students, and practice sessions for program graduates!

Would you like to register for a training?
Email: or Call (510) 207-1867

All trainings to be held in Alameda unless specified

January 16th
practice date 10am -2pm

February 25th
conference call 7pm-9
27th&28th hands on 9am-6pm
Gym training in Montara ca

March 24th
conference call 7pm-9
26th Hands on 9am-6
Reposturing Massage

 April 10th
practice date
10am – 2pm

April 21st
conference call  7pm-9
23rd & 24th hands on 9am-6
Chest Neck Shoulders Hands & Arms

May 19th
conference call 7pm-9
21st &22nd hands on 9am-6
Low back & Hips

June 16th
conference call 7pm-9
18th & 19th hands on 9am-6
Legs &Feet

July 21st
conference call 7pm – 9
23rd & 24 hands on 9am -6
Facial Reposturing